Nara-Yamato Four Temple Pilgrimage

We celebrated the beginning of a new pilgrimage travel, the “Nara-Yamato Four Temple Pilgrimage” on May the 22nd in 2015. The Nara Yamato province of Nara prefecture is the oldest pilgrimage site in Japan and has been a holy place for 2,000 years. The “Nara-Yamato Four Temple Pilgrimage” comprises the most sacred four Buddhist temples in Nara-Yamato which are Hase temple, Murō temple, Oka temple and Abe-Monjyuin temple.
To enhance relationships with visitors we provide detailed information on our website which is translated into four languages (English, French, Chinese and Korean). We also provide free Wi-Fi services in each temple to access our website or scan QR codes to download information.
In addition tours are accompanied by friendly and professional guides speaking English, Chinese or Korean. (for a group more than 30 people, reservation required, free of charge) The “Nara-Yamato Four Temple Pilgrimage” has own guide group called “Nara-Yamato Interpreters” who know the charms of the Nara-Yamato.
From pretty temples with beautiful gardens and masterpieces of Buddhist sculptures to hidden gems waiting to be explored, the awe-inspiring journey will stay with you forever.
Your heart will discover the true essence of japan in Nara-Yamato.
Welcome to Hase temple.


Four Temple Pilgrimage


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